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About Us

Clean And Green Electricity For Sale At Wholesale Prices

National Gas and Power (NG&P) is an on-site utility company selling electricity and hot water at 20% less than retail prices.

You are currently purchasing electricity at retail prices from the utility company. NG&P sells you prime power electricity and hot water 24/7 year to year at discounted prices.


  • At no cost or investment to you, NG&P will supply electricity and hot water to you at prices 20% lower than the retail price you are now paying the utility company.
  • We are not selling you any equipment. We own and will place our combined heat and power plant on site and you simply pay less for your prime power.
  • You will still be connected to your utility company and we connect in parallel to your main power panel.
  • Besides paying 20% less for prime power, our power plant provides you the security of having power when the utility power fails.
  • NG&P offers you a power purchase agreement (PPA) to start lowering your energy costs and lowering your fixed overhead costs.
  • Connected to your computer and Internet for real time power recording.


Stop paying the utility companies retail and pay wholesale for your power!




40KW On-Site Production of hot Water and Electricity

  • Manufactured in U.S
  • Compact design
  • Connection ready
  • Indoor/Outdoor installation
  • 5 year Maintenance Coverage
  • Runs 24/7 in parallel with the grid
  • Complies to clean air standards
  • Sound proof within 70 decibles
  • Vibration free
  • Weather resistant enclosure


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